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Pahrump, Nevada Pahrump Nevada
Overall Rating
  • Population: 35,816
  • Median Age: 50
  • Median Home Value: $153,500
  • Median Household Income: $39,038
  • Cost of Living: Higher
  • Precipitation: 5in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 83°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 45°F
  • Hospitals: 1
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Nevada > Pahrump

About 60 miles west of Las Vegas, there is lots to do and see in Pahrump. If you are into the arts, there is the High Desert Shorts International Film and Music festival and the Pahrump Film Festival Or if you like to live in the fast lane, there is a local speedway (race cars) and casinos right thereā€¦and of course Vegas is an easy drive if you like the bright lights. There is also a local winery in Pahrump. For outdoor enthusiasts, the nearby Spring Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for all sorts of activities.

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