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Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sioux Falls South Dakota
Overall Rating
  • Population: 151,727
  • Median Age: 33
  • Median Home Value: $149,600
  • Median Household Income: $51,831
  • Cost of Living: Average
  • Precipitation: 26in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 71°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 19°F
  • Hospitals: 5
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South Dakota > Sioux Falls

Small town feel for a city with lower cost of living and a diverse and growing population. There are lots of recreational possibilities in or near Sioux Falls like Falls Park, which is an 123 acre park with real waterfalls. If you like biking, the River Greenway is a paved 19 mile trail that loops around the city taking you through city and country scenes on your ride. Pretty nice! Continued expansion of its health-care system positions Sioux Falls to meet its growing population’s demand for services. Cultural attractions are a draw, but housing may not be affordable for older residents.

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